Mandate Duo


Mandate Duo

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Occasionally one must simply take charge of the situation.  The Mandate power-up grants you control of nearly anything.  Mandate speaks and its will is done.  But this is no ordinary decree.  Your desires are truly unlimited.  Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Barefoot Buttons not included.  You can add them to your order here.  Please allow for a build time of up to 3 business days for custom orders.

Switch 1 Configuration:
Switch 2 Configuration:
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Feature Summary

  • Compact 3.5"x1.5" switches designed to save pedalboard space
  • Momentary NO and NC configurations are soft-touch switches
  • Two custom etched Barefoot Buttons available for easy activation
  • Configurations available to work with almost any device

The most common application for your Mandate Duo is replacing the space-hogging switch for your amp.  Simply choose a common configuration or get a custom version designed specifically for your device.  Mandate Duo can command nearly any pedal or amp on the market that has TS or TRS inputs.  Contact us if you're not sure which version is right for you.


Configurations for Common Applications

Most Amplifiers (Channel, Reverb, etc.):  Latching with or without LED

Standard Tap Tempo Control:  Momentary (NO)

Boss Pedal Control:  Momentary (NC)

Universal Tap Tempo/Momentary Control:  Momentary w/ Polarity Switch

JHS Red Remote:  Latching w/o LED

Strymon Presets:  Favorite Switch