Custom Shop Examples

If you're looking for a custom solution that you can't seem to find anywhere, you've come to the right place!  All of the pedals on this page were custom ordered by various customers.  This is just a small collection of examples to give you an idea of our shop's capabilities.  We can build designs from just simple passive components all the way up to fully engineered designs featuring custom PCBs, microcontrollers with custom firmware, and beyond.  Contact us to get started on the rig of your dreams!

Stereo Programmable True Bypass Looper

This custom looper features 2 parallel effects chains for a stereo setup.  Four of the footswitches select various preset combinations of connected effects.  The fifth switch simply toggles which chain is sent to which output.  This was a complex design consisting of a custom programmed microcontroller, relays, and a muting circuit.

Line 6 M9 Phrase Looper Controller

The goal of this project was to create a MIDI controller that could access the phrase looper functions of the Line 6 M9 without the hassle of switching back and forth on the unit itself.  The controller can easily send commands for record, overdub, play, stop, play once, redo, undo, half speed, and reverse all the while retaining immediate access to all of the effects and parameters on the M9 unit.  It also features a unique "stutter" function that continuously repeats the recorded phrase at a speed controlled by the knob.

Modified Strymon Multiswitch

This Multiswitch was modified to connect to an Airturn BT-105 for turning pages in the OnSong app for iPad.  The left and right footswitches turn pages in their respective directions and the MIDI jack is an output that sends MIDI-clock tap tempo information to connected effects.  The middle footswitch sets the tap tempo.  Flipping the toggle switch returns the pedal to its stock configuration, making this Multiswitch an amazing multipurpose tool!

Custom Tap Tempo Controller

This tap tempo controller required a very rare feature: a latching output.  It was designed with the Empress Effects Tremolo v1 in mind, which has a very unusual latching tap tempo switch.  The Tremolo was modded for external tap tempo and this controller was built to accompany it, along with two other effects with more standard requirements.  The two momentary outputs also have a toggle to select  "normally open" or "normally closed" modes.  All of these features were packed into an incredibly tiny enclosure, per customer requirements.

Passive Splitter & Junction Box

The splitter box is a simple passive design featuring an isolation transformer and a ground lift switch.  The junction box is a simple pass-thru box to simplify pedalboard interfacing for inputs and outputs.